Microsoft launches its Surface Hub 2S collaborative PC for $9,000

April 17, 2019

Last year, Microsoft announced the successor to its Surface Hub—the Surface Hub 2S, a 50-inch whiteboarding PC that could be mounted on a wall or even rolled from room to room. On Wednesday, the company formally launched that product, and announced a larger, 85-inch model due later this year, as well as a separate Surface Hub 2 Display monitor.

Don’t expect the Surface Hub 2S to grace your living room or home office, however, as Microsoft has priced 50-inch 2S display at $9,000. Microsoft sees the 2S as a collaborative workspace, running Teams, Office 365, its Whiteboard app, and other Microsoft software. Microsoft launched the Surface Hub 2S on Wednesday in conjunction with Steelcase, which is manufacturing the rolling easel that makes the Surface Hub 2S semi-portable—there’s even an optional battery attachment. The easel (along with the 2S) will begin shipping in June.

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